Technology and Product Trends 2022-23

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Non-Fungible Tokens - What do they mean? and How do they work?

Basically, they are a type of cryptocurrency that is unique and not interchangeable. Unlike regular Bitcoin or Ethereum, which can be divided and traded like shares, non-fungible tokens are indivisible and have their own value. This makes them perfect for use in specific applications like digital art or collectibles. Non-fungible tokens are stored on a blockchain, similar to how cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a blockchain. The key difference is that NFTs store information about the asset itself on the blockchain rather than just storing details of the transaction. Interested to buy some NFT? Read the guide.

New Energy Solutions - Cut Emissions by Removing Carbon from the Atmosphere

There are many ways to remove carbon and generate new energy. One way is to encourage tree-planting. At the same time, continued advances in batteries we use in cars, as well as nuclear power and green hydrogen play a part in providing New Energy Solution. Consumers are just consumers, government must govern and play its role to advance climate policies. Investments by private company to meet country's growing and changing energy needs while ensuring a properous, equitable, clean secure future for all. Read the news on 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 28).

Increasing Demands for AI to assist in Creative Thinking

Take a look at these AI providers: notion, writesonic, and others. What do they tell us? We can now convince machines to make our statements more credible over the internet. Machines will be able to think for us by gathering information from the vast internet landscape which humanly impossible. You will be able to write an article that pulls from sources from all over the web and the system will be able to construct the sentences for you. This makes research a thing of the past. Our brain will be more efficeint and information will be added in a fraction of time. Making contribution to the net even more prevalent.

Start with Simple HTML and CSS before embarking on a complex screens

HTML and CSS has grown to be powerful over the years. Many fancy screens are simply built using html and css. What does it mean for our application? That increases performance. Users' browsers sometimes run on low-powered cpu machine. End-users do not have to keep upgrading their machines to run our applications. Besides that, many resources provide understanding of the ever-changing and improvement of the most simple technology that we use everyday. Simple HTML and CSS, with Javasrcipt to some degree has been the core computing for our everyday intereactions in the internet.

Computing Power to Explode in 2023 to take on considerable Cloud re-platforming

Computing power will continue to explode in 2022. We now have considerably better cloud infrastructure, and many businesses are re-platforming to the cloud. We are also seeing a push towards better networks – 5G is being rolled out, and 6G is on the horizon. That means even more power in our phones, in our cars, and in our wearable devices. These require increasing computing power to respond to not only users but machines requests for information processing as well. Businesses that rely on large social platform connecting employees and customers accross different platform must be prepared for this.

Internet of Things (IoT) Represents The Future of Ever-Growing Network of Physical Objects

Our homes are now part of the internet. That's the term Internet of Things. Things that we can control with our smartphone - to turn on / off air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, etc. Our TV used to be receiving aerial network channels have now switched to internet making ways for YouTube channels. This trend is going to continue and we will see more and more devices connected to the internet. What does it mean for business? By using data from IoT devices, it will be possible to visualize the possibilities of increasing revenues by analyzing the data traffic. This will allows variables to be adjusted and seeing the impact at real-time.

Why building Spring Boot Microservices Architecture on Kubernetes?

Microservices is one of those architectural patterns which has emerged from the world of domain-driven design, continuous delivery, platform and infrastructure automation, and scalable systems. This pattern extends it to the loosely coupled services which can be developed, deployed, and maintained independently. Each of these services is responsible for discrete task and can communicate with other services through simple APIs to solve a larger complex business problem. Springboot allows developers to build independent microservice very quickly. Whereas Kubernetes provide the container to deploy the microservice applications.

NoSQL Database - What is it? Why do we need one?

NoSQL database technology stores information in JSON documents instead of columns and rows used by relational databases. This allows billions or trillions of queries within a small amount of time that relational databases get failed in handling the queries. High operations speed and flexibility in storing the data is the key to NoSQL database. NoSQL is best suited for agile development which requires fast implementation by accomodating different types of data. NoSQL divide the databases into smaller chunks across multiple hardware servers instead of a single large server. This is called sharding which is very complicated in relational databases.

Cyber Security - Building Security-Aware Culture in Your Organization

You don't have to buy the most expensive cyber security hardware or software, if you and/or your employee don't have the cyber security skills. Basic security skills like the safe use of passwords and developing an understanding of two-factor authentication (2FA) should be taught across the board and continually updated. Taking basic precautions like this to foster a culture of cybersecurity-awareness should be a core element of business strategy at organizations that want to ensure they build security resilience and preparedness over interactions with social-media contents, emails, websites, etc.