About Us

We Solve Business Issues from Strategy to Execution

PT.Asimetris Data Sentosa is a Information Technology company focusing in the system impelementation, application, infrastructure and networking. With the support of renowned technology Vendors, we implement and develop the most-advanced system that increase organizations efficiencies. PT.Asimetris is a well-established company with over 20 years in services had implemented many types of Information Techlogy related products in both private and government organizations. PT.Asimetris prides itself with its best-in-class solutions for system integration as well as a complete application suite. Our core capabilities include the followings: system development and/or integration, Database provider, application/system Support and Maintenance, Data Center construction, Network installation, Security implementation and other related Information Technology systems.


Vission & Mission

Convergence of Information - Supported by Business Processes, Systems, Electronics and Sensors

What do we do?

Our specialties are Mapping and Tracking, Cloud Application, and Business Driven Systems

Mapping and Tracking

We have expertise in tracking and mapping moving objects on a map. Our application integrates with data from Satellites and will be able to provide the object detail information. In this example, a single click on one of the icons will display details of the vessel.

Cloud Application

Our capability with cloud-based application allows us to deploy into cloud provider, such as Heroku. The cloud-based application embrases micro-service architectures, which allows flexibility in maintenance and upgrades without having to pull-down the application.

Business Driven Systems

We have developed a complete business application package to manage business operations with inventory, customer-order and receivables. Thanks to ZK Powered components, our business application is reliable and efficient.

Our Technology Partner