Sophos XGS Series Firewall

sophos xgs series

Sophos XGS Series firewall comes with a base license for Networking, Wireless, Xstream Architecture, Unlimited Remote Access VPN, Site-to-Site VPN and reporting. This means that if you have a server running in the main office, your branch offices will be able to access the server transparently via local domain and network. All these capabilities are achieved using a tunnel setps between multiple firewalls.

What if I have multiple ISP (Internet Service Provider)? No problem, Sophos XGS Series firewall will be able to provide load-balance / fail-over automatically connect / re-connect the VPN tunnelling process.

Sophos firewall consists of various models, load-balance / fail-over capabilities apply to certain models only? No. Load-balance / fail-over capabilities are available for all Sophos XGS Series firewall models.