Operation Integration


Collaboration Between Application Development and I&O Leads to Improved Internal Efficiencies and Outcomes

Close collaboration between application development teams and organization's Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) team is one of the ways organization becoming more effective.  Another area is improving the efficiencies of a Unified Infrastructure that supports traditional virtualized monolithics applications as well as cloud-native containerized microservices. The benefits from the use of cloud-native environments are compelling. Reusing code, increasing security capabilities, and delivering high-quality software are the leading operational benefits.

Meet Rising User Demands with New Engagement Models Demand Greater Interaction Requiring Highly Available Services

Most organizations are attempting to establish a balance between traditional application support and embrace of DevOps and Agile Application Development and Deployment.  The new development models usually take advantage of Containers, Micro-Services, and Cloud-Infrastructure to improve efficiencies. In this environment, we see the value of a flexible and unified infrastructure solution.