Application System

We help build your application using Redhat Openshift


What is Red Hat OpenShift?

With the advent of cloud-computing and the advanced system management using container, we have to build your application and system as components - much like inner-working engine parts of your car.  Each function operates on its own, and when it comes to system updates / upgrades, not all components are affected.  Only certain parts of the system will be upgraded.  Red Hat OpenShift is a system that allows parts of the system to be containerized.  Each of the functional system operates on its own container but work as a whole to enable the complete system.

What is Open Source?

Open Source is a term for freely available software that we can modify and adapt to suit certain system applications.  When we say 'freely' available, we don't really mean it's 'free', as complexity increases, we also require external help and support.  Red Hat is the proponent of Open Source.  You can read more about Open Source in Red Hat Understanding Open Source.

What is Linux?

Linux is the most popular Operating System that powers most of the servers for systems, applications, as well as the web.  Without Linux, our computing world will not exist as it's today.  Due to it's reliability, Linux and Red Hat Linux is the preferred choice for our Operating System.  You can fead more of Red Hat Linux in Red Hat Why Red Hat Linux.

What is Operating System?

Operating System, or known as OS, such as iOS, Windows, Android, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, serves as the intermediary for your interactions with the underlying hardware system.  Without an advanced OS, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux your hardware computer will not be able to help you work on your application, such as Office, or Whatsapp that you use everyday.